Sunday, August 31, 2008

Biter Biscuit

I gave Ava a "biter biscuit" for the first time this week. I was at Kroger and saw them for the first time and they seemed like something that she would enjoy. I was right...she LOVED it. These are some pics I took after she devoured the first one...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's been a while...

Sleeping with Mr. Dog as a pillow
fancy time
Ava with her pipe!
family fanciness
green dress baby
Family picture that is my new favorite
new toy
So excited!

Ava's new favorite thing is to stand up in her crib. She cries when we make her come out.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Plane ride #1...we had been flying for almost 7 hours!
Ava liked sitting in a seat by herself (well, with her dog)

First walk in California
Ava would not wear her sunglasses
Sweet Shades

sand in our toes

looking a little special

Ava loves the beach!
This was about 5 seconds before she crashed on her face.
Ava learned to block the sun from her face using a card, or anything else she has in her hand.

"OH my goodness, I love the fish"
Ava loved Crystal's aquarium.
eating my hand with Crystal
Sleeping on another walk...

Ava sleeping on the Santa Monica Pier
Sunset on the beach
the pier
Showing off our muscles...
Happy girl on the beach...

Looking at the Hollywood sign...little smoggy.

Fountain Head!Early morning breakfast...
Ava needed a little coffee since she got up before 6:30 most mornings!

Ava and I were in Santa Monica with Crystal for 4 days. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful time! Ava thought it was a good idea to wake up REALLY early every day so we all had some great breakfast every morning. We spent a total of 12 hours on a plane, lost 2 pacifiersand 2 spoons, saw 3 innapropriate "instances," had 2 restaurant meltdowns, walked 200 miles, ate countless amounts of good food, and got first class seats on the way home. Good trip! Thanks Aunt Crystal!