Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life with 2...

Jay is three months old. I can hardly believe it. The transition to two kids has been pretty easy. We did 1 and then 3 and now 2. A little out of order, but we did feel pretty prepared for some additional craziness. Tonight we have the girls and I was even more reminded of how different life is with lots of kids. To be honest, I kind of love the crazy. All three girls are sleeping on the floor in Ava's room and they all look so sweet. Hard to believe that only an hour ago we were reeking havoc on a Zaxby's. Ava has been super funny lately. She has fits that drive me but then she says hilarious things. Yesterday she said "Mommy, maybe when I throw a fit or cry, you could just pray for me." Oh darling, if you only knew how much mommy prays for your fits! I am back to work a few days a week and really loving my time back. I know the kids are well cared for and I get to do something I love.

Jay has been an incredibly happy baby. I feel like his whole body smiles when he smiles. We are still working on the whole "sleeping at night thing" but it's so easy the rest of the time, that I don't really care.

We got to take a trip to Disney World with mom and dad which was awesome. Our friend, Mike Fitz from HC, showed us around Magic Kingdom for the day and we had a blast. My favorite Ava moment was right after she got off the roller coaster and said "That was crazy...that roller coaster made my tummy feel better."
Right now we are in the midst of participating in lent. We each have chosen things to give up in order to focus more on Christ during this season. I am praying that during this season, we will continue to have more clarity about what God is doing in our family and that he would direct us toward what he would have for the future.
Here are some pictures from the last few weeks...

Things that make us "us" (or Things That Make Us Not Real Adults)

Today I was realizing that I struggle keeping up with "the little things." I have determined that most of these things are the daily responsibilites that come with being an adult and a parent. I started coming up with a list of such things that I thought I would share. I feel like in college, most of these things are acceptable but somehow, we have just not been able to quite "get it together." If anyone would like to offer us help, we would take it:)
1. We have been missing some clean laundry lately. We are pretty sure it's in a bag from a trip to Florida almost 2 months ago that we never unpacked...this bag is currently missing.
2. I have only washed my hair 1 time in the last 7 days.
3. Our van has fast food cups dating back at least 1 month.
4. Our deserves it's own number but I have no idea how to begin describing it.
5. I had to ask a friend to make Ava a lunch for school because I was out of bread to make it myself becuase we hadn't grocery shopped in 3 weeks.
6. I found a pair of pants of Ava's under the couch today...they were size 12 month. She is 3. Guess they have been there a while.
7. I found a bag of poppy clothes from Jay from Christmas....last week.
8. Ava hasn't worn matching socks in months...nor have I.

I can't blame any of this on multiple kids or a crazy's just who we are. I am going to keep this list so that in a few years when we are way more responsible, I can look back and say "oh what kids we were back then."