Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 09

Tonight we went to a pumpkin patch somewhere outside of the city. It was a lot of fun and the girls had a blast. Some of my highlights are as follows:
1. Carrie getting yelled at by the worker at the pumpkin patch and then him following us around micromanaging us.
2. Anniiyah announcing that she couldn't trust daddy anymore because he left her in the haunted castle
3. Carried telling a 6 year old boy "please do not talk to me" because he too tried to reprimand us.
4. Getting to walk out into a real pumkin patch and cut out our own pumkin.
5. After finding a pumpkin and letting Anniiyah hold it she was instantly exhausted and told caleb that he was breaking her muscles by making her hold it.
7. Caleb "milking" a fake cow.
6. At Waffle House afterward Makayla asked the waitress to open up her Mayo packet and put the mayo on her burger. We said "makayla, we can put your mayo on for you, the waitress doesn't need to do it" and makayla says "but I want her to do it, she is my best friend."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall is here...

In this picture the girls are Hannah Montanna and Ava is Lilly and Caleb is Bobby Ray and I am Hannah's mom and Anniiyah says "and Becky, you can be our #1 fan."

I haven't blogged in a while so I won't try and catch up. Fall is finally starting to hit Atlanta. I LOVE this weather. The next couple months are why I love Atlanta so much! The girls are continuing to enjoy school and life. We have a lot of hard moments...moments where life doesn't quite make sense for them. I wish I had magic words to help them better understand what is going on in their little lives but most of the time, I need someone to explain to me what's going on. We continue to hold on to the fact that 1. God is faithful and 2. He is present in their lives and in our family and 3. He loves our girls more than we ever could. I wish I wrote down on the funny stuff that they say but I can only remember a couple for now....Anniiyah is a little sponge. She absorbs all kinds of information and then talks ALL THE TIME!

Anniiyah: "Daddy, the good stuff is know what I mean."
Caleb: "I really have no idea."
Anniiyah: "This bead stands for Pentecost...Pentecost is when God gave the people the Holy Spirit and they spoke in other languages."

Makayla: "That girl is crazy...FOR REAL"

Ava: "Movie and, boots, boots!"
I start my new job at the GA Law center tomorrow. I will be the Eviction Prevention Casemanager (or something like that...still figuring out the title). I am really excited. I feel like my gifts are used so much more when I am working with people. The next month is going to be very busy and very full but I am excited for weddings and fun with family and great friends. Here are a few pics from the last month...