Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forgot the quotes...

Ashlee: "Anniiyah you get a cookie for finding Ava's pacifier for me, Makayla you get a cookie for brining in the trash from the van, Ava you get a cookie for eating all your lunch..."

Anniiyah: "Mama Ashlee, are going to eat a cookie?"

Ashlee: "No, probably not"

Anniiyah: "why not, you do lots of good things every day!"

Anniyah: "Umm...Ashlee, I think baby Ava wants you to buy her this toy mail box"

Ashlee: "are you sure that you don't secretly want me to buy that mailbox for you?

Anniiyah: "No, Baby Ava looked at it like she really wanted it."

Anniiyah: "Ashlee, I just want us to be best friends"

Makayla (sitting at the breafast table, singing at the top of her lungs): "TOMORROW TOMORROW, I WUV YA TOMORROW....YOU'RE ONLY A DAY AWAY"

Friday, June 26, 2009


I was on a blogging kick for a while. After a minor break, I will try and resume. Things with the kids has been so busy lately. We have been on many trips lately which has been great and tiring at the same time. We are about to leave for another trip to East Liverpool next week. The girls are all doing well. Anniiyah and Makayla are in a summer program and Ava and I are getting to spend a good amount of time just the two of us during the week. Many things have been happening wtih the girls case (which I will not detail in a blog) but continue to pray for wisdom in next steps. You can also pray that we will trust God for control with their lives instead of trying to keep control ourselves. I will end with some pictures and my favorite thing...kid quotes!

We spent a great week with great grandma

Ava likes to walk around in high heels

Hair Washing night.

Ava learned to do flips and she loves to do them!
Makayla held the flag at her preschool graduation

Ava's first corn on the cob

They Love each other.

Family day at Makayla's preschool