Sunday, October 28, 2012

The things she says!

Lately Ava has been saying hilarious things that really make me laugh a lot.  She has also been having some behavior issues that make me want to cry a lot!  Since I hope to forget some of the struggles we have been having and no hold them against her, I wanted to write down some of the funny conversations we have been having!  Since I write this blog for myself and my mom, it's the perfect place to record them!

After spending hours of the day in time out for many behavior issues, I asked Ava was she learned.  Her response "well, I learned to be nice to  my friends.  I also learned that you shouldn't trick people.  Like if I say that I am going to take someone to the theatre, and then I don't take them to the theatre, it wouldn't be very nice."  Seriously, I think I must be doing an amazing job of teaching her life lessons!

Ava loves Spanish!  During a prayer in Guatemala she prayed "Thank you God so much for making Guatemala and for Spanish because I love it."

In a conversation with my sister about a song she learned that was partly in Spanish and partly in English, Ava said "I will sing this song partly in Spanish and partly in the language that you and Brandon speak."

After being the flower girl in Catherine's wedding Ava says "So, everyone was telling me how beautiful I and Catherine looked so beautiful together...but she did have the better dress though."

We have been having attitude issues and so I told Ava she needed to work on being more respectful to me and talking more kindly to me.  She said "MOM!  God made everyone different and made us all feel different things and I just feel mad right's just the way God made me!"  Oh dear Ava...many converstation followed this statement. 

While in Ohio, she was upset about something and her Aunt asked her to sing "If your happy and you know it" to distract her from being upset.  She agreed and after a while, I noticed she wasn't doing any of the motions like "if your happy and you know it, clap your hands..."  I asked "Ava why aren't you clapping your hands?"  She responded "Well mom, I am not happy.  I can't clap my hands if I am not happy.  It would be a lie." 

My dearest day when you have grown up and are using all your energy and passion to love the world around you, I pray that we will laugh at all these funny conversations and remember what it takes for God to refine us.  I also pray that we will know how to best lead you toward the love of Christ and into a relationship with him that transforms your heart.  You are truly a delight...even if you spend half your life in time-out right now!

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Becca said...

Oh sweet friend, your girl is hilarious and beautiful and you are doing an awesome job being her momma! Love you AND her!