Sunday, January 8, 2012


So yes, 2012 came.  We spent New Years in bed watching a movie and at midnight I looked at Caleb and said "Hey, wake up and give me a's a new year."  I am ready to see what 2012 will bring.  I think I should do a high-lights of 2011 was a busy year!

New changes on the horizon are that my current job with the GA Law Center will end in March.  When I say that I LOVE my job it's an understatement.  I love working with clients to prevent their homelessness.  I love everytime a person trusts me enough to sit down with me and share their story.  I pray that I will know the right resources to point people to so that they can have the best outcome possible.  I LOVE my job.  When I took this position, it was a 30 month contracted position.  At the time I thought, "30 months is a long time!"  Well, in adult world, it turns out it's not that long!  So a new chapter of work will begin in the spring for me.  I am not sure I am ready:). 

What will 2012 look like?  I have been thinking a lot about my hopes for this year.  We sat around and talked about hopes on Wednesday night at our weekly community dinner.  I loved hearing what people are hoping for in 2012.  Off the top of my head, I shared that I wanted to read more (this was a goal I came up with on New Year's when talking with some friends).  I also realized that to do that, I will have to change some current things in my life.  That led to hope #2...Be less chaotic!  I tend to fill life up.  Each moment has a plan and if that plan falls through, there is usually a back up plan.  Please don't think that this makes me an awesome "planner."  It doesn't.  It just means that we really like people and we like to do stuff so between those two things...chaos happens.  I don't want to change this much.  I love being active and having people around and traveling and dreaming of new ideas!  I just want to have more time to be still...more time to read...more time to sit on the floor and build towers with Ava and Jay...more time to share about the day with Caleb...more time to reflex on God and what He is doing all around me. 

So, I anticipate 2012!  I anticipate lots more dinners with friends and neighbors.  I anticipate lots of dates with my husband.  I anticipate Ava learning how to read.  I anticipate Jay walking.  I anticipate seeing kids I love graduate high-school.  I anticipate talking about God and his goodness with those around me.  I anticipate a new role for work.  I anticipate more neighbors moving into Pittsburgh.  I anticipate growing in depth with friends.  I anticipate growing in my love for Jesus. 

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